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Solutions & Performances

Solutions & Performances is a member of the API Network. Thanks to API Network, we are able to support our clients and our talents across the world by relying on a solid partnership of executive search boutics specializing in their local ecosystem.



API Network

A.P.I., a truly global association of highly experienced Executive Search and HR Consultancy firms, bound by a common set of values, proven methodologies and a rigid code of professional & ethical conduct.

The founders created API in 1996 to share business and best practices

At API, we have a long-term vision. Our main target is not immediate profit and turnover; we look for client and candidate satisfaction as well as repeat business.

We work under a win-win scheme.

We use our broad experience in people consultancy and the global collaboration with our friends and colleagues within the network to deliver the best service to our customers and professionals.

The wordwide network API


We are present in America, Europe Asia and Africa.

Each A.P.I. associate office around the world has a first rate track record as an independent company in its local market.

Together, we are able to tackle even the most complex of multi-country or international executive talent acquisition and assessment projects and to deliver consistently excellent standards.

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