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Solutions & Performances

We S&P consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and environments and have decades of consolidated experience. Our point in common: an unwavering commitment to satisfying our talents and clients so that they can achieve their objectives.


Origins of the team

In 2009, Thierry, with several years' experience in headhunting in the UK and France, decided to set up his own firm, Solutions and Performances, to meet the exacting requirements and the need for quality and results that his clients had already come to rely on.

Solutions & Performances was set up between Paris, London, and the South of France. He soon called on Gwenaëlle for specific assignments.

They realised that they were highly complementary in their approach to talent and clients, and above all that they shared the same vision: to achieve results for their clients and candidates.

They embody the same values of pugnacity, commitment, and empathy to achieve this vision. 

The soul of S&P is firmly anchored.

About us

We S&P consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and environments and have decades of consolidated experience. Our point in common: an unwavering commitment to satisfying our talents and clients so that they can achieve their objectives.

S&P is decades of experience


Thierry has over 20 years' experience in headhunting middle and top management profiles.

He likes people of conviction, meeting new people, Captain Flam. He doesn’t like: socks with sandals, rain at weekends

Motto : « His motto: "I like it when a plan goes off without a hitch". »


Gwenaëlle has over 20 years' experience in recruitment in the consulting, finance, and digital sectors. 

She likes following the talents over the long term, playing bass, social sciences, passionate people

She doesn't like lack of commitment, cooking, sand on your beach towel

Her motto: "Never give-up"


After a number of significant experiences in the fields of commerce and management, Justine chose to specialise in tailor-made recruitment.

She likes surf, sea, sun, music, psychology.

She doesn't like the cold, inactivity, lack of transparency

Her motto : the point of view is in the eye of the beholder


After a number of years teaching philosophy and literature, Blandine decided to return to her first love by taking on tailor-made recruitment.

She likes Greek philosophy, 19th century literature, 50s cinema

Her motto : know yourself


Claire has many years' experience in business development.

She likes the transparency and authenticity of the exchanges, the unicorns and the next big thing she hasn't found yet.

She doesn't like the lack of equity and glitz, the lack of time to geek out...

Her motto : To infinity and beyond!


Caroline has over 15 years' experience in Human Resources. After several years in professional integration, she chose to specialise in the recruitment of technical profiles.

Like a charcoal artist, she nuances, refines and adapts all the representations of job requirements to attract the best talent.

Elle aime She likes : the variety and richness of exchanges, art in general and reading philosophical novels

She doesn't like the lack of sincerity, the rain, a day without laughter

Her motto : It's high time to switch the stars back on



Natasha joined Solutions and Performance in 2009, after working in Operations in London and Amsterdam for one of Europe's majors in air transport and after working in scuba diving in Central America and the Maldives. Her studies took her to Germany and Scotland.

With English as her mother tongue, her linguistic skills, and her sense of organisation, she is responsible for administration and accounting, and is the right-hand woman to the management team.

She likes the sea, underwater photography, and swimming in open water.

Her motto : Everything happens outside your comfort zone

Son motto : Tout se passe hors de ta zone de confort  

Our offices

Sea, work and sun….
Do you know Cassis? Close to one of France's most attractive cities (c'est Marseille bébé!), we've chosen to set up our headquartersseveral years ago. We would be delighted to welcome you to discuss your projects.

We can also meet in Paris at our offices near Opéra.

S&P's way of life


the community